Clinical Dietitian

Company Name:
Bon Secours Richmond Health System
Clinical nutrition practice activities include: nutrition screening to identify patients at nutrition risk, assessment and interpretation of age-specific data to determine individual patient requirements, development of nutrition therapy plans appropriate to established standards of care in episodic and chronic disease management, continuity of care, and diet education relative to patient age and comprehension. The dietitian must be able to demonstrate knowledge of the principles of growth and development, and skills necessary to provide all aspects of nutrition care appropriate to the age of patients being served. Patient population includes the following age categories: Neonate, Pediatric, Adult, Adolescent and Geriatric. Assists in maintaining diet office systems and patient service procedures.
1. Specialized knowledge of nutrition and diet therapy acquired through a Bachelor's degree in Dietetics with one to two years supervised practice experience in foods and nutrition. Must be certified as a registered dietitian by The American Dietetic Association, or registration eligible.
Knowledge of department and hospital policies and procedures as well as a proficiency in performing clinical duties normally acquired during three to six months on-the-job training and through prior experience in clinical dietetics.

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